PPC Adwords Management

PPC (Pay Per Click) delivers targeted and relevant traffic to your website by showing ads for your products and services on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) based on the users search phrases (keywords). You only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

Whether you have never used paid advertising and looking to see how it might benefit your business or you already have an PPC account setup which isn’t maximising your Return On Investment, Digital Storm can help tailor a results focused campaign which will deliver more leads and more sales…fast!


Instant traffic, smarter performance

A well structured and implemented PPC Campaign is essential in delivering cost-effective results. No longer can you just “bid your way to the top”. Google now uses various techniques to measure Ad Quality Score,meaning that keywords, ad copy, landing page experience, website speed – are all factors that must be explored when setting up a new campaign or looking to improve an existing one. Our PPC experts can help create compelling ads which are delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Dominate the search results

Maximising search visibility of your business is a key weapon in your digital marketing aresenal. Having a well structured paid search campaign delivering relevant ads based on your keywords is a vital part of this mix. Ad position, impression share, keyword coverage – all are elements we analyse to make sure your business has the best chance of being seen and beating your competition to the top spot. Achieving the highest position for the least bid cost can have a huge effect on your cost of acquisition of new business sales and leads.


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We are offering the opportunity to come into our Bournemouth studio for a free consultation to learn how to leverage paid search for your business.

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PPC Management Services

Search Advertising

Laser-targeted keyword based Paid Advertising. We can help put more of your ads in front of the right audience and deliver highly cost-effective, targeted ad campaigns that deliver a measurable increase in sales and leads.

Display Advertising

Google now has a vast network of more than 2 million websites ready to show your ads to their users, we can help build text / image / video / interactive ads which gain you brand awareness and market share.


Capture and direct users who have shown interest in your products and service back to your website to complete their sales journey. Convert more traffic to your website in to long term customers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

There is always room for improvement - even with the best website in the world! Improving the sales channel through your website and maximising the value from traffic is a vital part of an overall search strategy.

Start targeting active searches looking for your products & services with pay per click

Our team of qualified Adwords experts can help you drive more business and convert more leads…

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Noel Stuart

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