Digital Storm enjoys hosting Grace for some photography work experience

Whilst work experience is favoured by employers and universities, it is also a valuable experience for students discovering the right career path for them. It’s an extra step in moving in the right direction towards discovering what you want to do by learning the ropes of the job you might want to have.

I started work experience at Digital Storm on February 10th and have been able to work closely alongside the team, being able to learn and develop new skills for photography. I was able to help out with taking product photographs and got to learn new editing software. It truly feels as if I gained valuable new experiences and knowledge that I will keep with me as I continue my journey in education.

My interest in photography has led me into creative subjects at school, and as I continued to learn and explore more about photography it became something I knew I wanted to pursue as a career. I find that using photography as a creative medium allows me to portray ideas and concepts that were unique to anything else I had studied at school. From this, it was easy for me to see how a career in this industry would not only be a job I would enjoy, but one that best suited my abilities and skills.

From the perspective of someone wanting to learn more about the digital industry, coming to Digital Storm for work experience was eye-opening and interesting for me to find out what was really involved in the industry. I saw Digital Storm as the perfect place to do work experience as I was able to take a closer look into the career I wanted to pursue. Choosing Digital Storm as the company I had done work experience for was the best decision for me as I gained a practical and useful insight into working in the digital industry and with help from the team, was able to get involved with projects which made it more clear on what the job would involve.

Written by Grace Cole

We love working with the Digital Storm team! Creative, flexible and easy to work with – we highly recommend them.


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