Specialising in minimalist, everyday carry solutions. With over 27 international patents and products sold in more than 50 countries. True Utility approached us to help develop a digital strategy to improve the retail side of the company along with increasing the companies profile. Starting with the re-development of their e-commerce website, Digital Storm then introduced a digital marketing strategy that aimed to increase sales and traffic on the True Utility Store.

The strategy focused on the world of social media advertising on a campaign based format. Increasing traffic to the site through structured Facebook and Instagram adverts that were using highly targeted audiences who would respond well to the published content and offers. The strategy also covered email marketing, Google PPC and on-site 'marketing focused' optimisation. All the tactics employed were to increase conversions and build long-term relationships with clients through a better brand profile.

I gave a very basic description of what i wanted and Digital Storm created a fantastic leaflet for me. Kept to my budget and shopped around for the cheapest printing options, I’ll be using them again soon.

Noel Stuart

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