The product inventor of MYPARKER identified that cars have become bigger over the years but garage sizes have remained the same, so most of us have given up squeezing our cars in them. Using a platform that glides out and a remote control, the MYPARKER platform ensures a vehicle fits perfectly inside a garage; keeping it clean, secure, and unscratched. The client had the product prototype, but needed a brand identity and a clear marketing strategy.

myparker white logo

We began working MYPARKER to develop the branding. The design of the logo showcased the actual solution, and like the product, it needed to be accessible by all, simple to use and clearly identifiable. We are now working with MYPARKER to build product awareness and increase demand in the marketplace by setting out goals for the launch and having a clear strategy taking into the account the type of buyers. It is essential that all marketing activity focuses on people and this is clearly demonstrated within the initial product literature and website development.

“Thank you for your hard work on this project and the team. I think the site looks great! Many thanks again to you and the team.“

Tom Paranian

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